Case Study


The client had a wish for their kitchen with some problems. They are facing water leakage problems, with not having the space management. The kitchen had an old look, the client’s wish was to renovate it with a modern look and to fix the problems they are facing.


We used a damp-proof material WPC, which helps to stop the water leakage. Then we installed a tall unit, which is the best option to store the pantry items like grains, spices, oils, etc. which is easily accessible during preparing the food.

We added a Crockery unit, that is used to store the crockeries like cups, plates, bowls, saucers, etc. Then we add on a wooden basket unit, a modern material for the kitchen which helps to keep the vegetable fresh. Then put on the dishwasher, it rinses the water and cleans the dishes automatically. And a hub (gas burner) with a chimney helps to reduce the smoke and recycle the air.

The client gets a satisfactory modern design to their kitchen with good space management including the solution for the problem they were facing such as the damping problem.


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